pretamata in India as Western geo-political handle

The informed and the discerning will surely be aware of the overwhelmingly foreign funded, organized interventions by the pretamata in India’s economic (and social) policies. We recently saw massive hindrances through religious mobilization at the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project. The Posco project in Orissa was (and still is) stalled through machinations that unquestionably reek of organized efforts of the pretamata. It should be obvious that certain countries in the Occident view India as competitor. And it should also be obvious that these countries would seek to replace India’s natural Hindu identity with one subservient to their interests. We can already see this happening in the aforementioned cases where a demographic subscribing to a subservient identity was leveraged to create problems to India’s disadvantage. Of course, due to the inherently anti-dharma parasitic toxicity called secularism, the political class has and will continue to ignore these attempts to subvert India. However, we can and will continue to educate the generally clueless Hindu populace about these ongoing machinations and the impending dangers that they bode for our country and civilization.

In this context, the relevant email below from a perceptive individual presents another case of the mlechCha-s leveraging  the poisonous fangs of the pretamata to oppose industrial development in interestingly one of India’s most mineral rich regions. The sender’s name has been removed to respect her/his privacy.

Readers are advised to be circumspect about Anglospheric industrialists who are known to play both ways. If the pretamata ensures them clearance, they have been known to facilitate harvests. Nonetheless, surely the discerning will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in the quoted email below, and understand the message it carries for dharmAbhimukha-s.

Churches (‘Jharkhand tribal body’) oppose ArcelorMittal project. Why?

Why do churches oppose industrial development in India, specially in backward tribal areas?They don’t oppose industry in USA and Europe, from where they get much of their funding. Why? Three reports. Read together. Catholic Asian News clearly identifies Dayamani Barla as a Christian.

The women’s movement will oppose these exploiters, explains Dayamani Barla of the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, one of the woman leaders.

Jharkhand tribal body to oppose ArcelorMittal project
PTI Jul 5, 2012, 02.52PM IST

RANCHI: Days after steel tycoon L N Mittal expressed disappointment over delay in his proposed steel projects in the country, the Adivasi Moolvasi Astitva Raksha Manch today said it would continue to oppose his Jharkhand project.

“We will not allow any new steel company in Jharkhand. They (industrialists) are out to destroy forest and fertility of agricultural land. Forty villages in Gumla and Khunti districts will be affected by the ArcelorMittalproject,” chief convener of the Manch Dayamani Barla Barla said here.

The CEO of world’s largest steel-maker ArcelorMittal said in New York on June 19: “There are “understandable challenges in India relating to land acquisition and raw materials, but nevertheless the government must find a way to overcome these road-blocks more swiftly.”

Stating that ut of the 104 MoUs the Jharkhand government had signed, 98 were with steel companies, Barla said, “The state government talks of sustainable development. What type of sustainable development does it want? Setting up steel mills in every village?”

Reacting to reports quoting L N Mittal that it would take five to 10 more years for progress in his company’s India plans, Barla asked, “Does it mean they will set up factories after ten years without destroying the environment?”

Asked how can industrilisation and development take place without, she questioned, “How development took place before signing MoUs?”

ArcelorMittal signed the MoU with Jharkhand in 2005 while a 2009 study by the ASSOCHAM said that Mittal got mines in Jharkhand but not land. It said the project could generate employment for 5,500 people directly and 20,000 indirectly.

UCAN: Indian tribal women launch movement against resource ‘exploiters’

UCANews (
RANCHI, India (UCAN) – Tribal women in Jharkhand have decided to oppose people usurping their water, forest and land.

Approximately 1,000 tribal women, including Christians, from all over the eastern Indian state launched a movement against their “exploiters” at a special training seminar.

Adivasi Mahila Adhikar Sangarsh Morcha (tribal women’s forum for empowerment and struggle) organized the June 14-15 seminar in the state capital of Ranchi, some 1,160 kilometers (about 720 miles) southeast of New Delhi. It was held at Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Theological College.

The seminar stressed women’s role in fighting for “jal, jungle and jameen” (water, forest and land). Participants called for a jani shikar (hunt by women) to drive out those who have occupied tribal land and abused the state’s forests and natural resources.

Jharkhand, India’s most mineral-rich region, lies at the heart of the tribal belt in eastern India. It was carved out of Bihar state in 2000 purportedly to help tribal advancement, but tribal leaders complain that more than five years later, industrialists and politicians from outside still control the state.

Non-tribal outsiders, whom the tribal people call dikhu, control the state’s mines and industries set up after clearing vast forest cover. This has led to hundreds of thousands of tribal people losing ancestral lands and becoming homeless and hungry. Thousands have migrated to cities in search of work.

The women’s movement will oppose these exploiters, “especially corrupt government officials, mediators and contractors,” who operate at various levels of administration, explains Dayamani Barla of the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, one of the woman leaders.

Speaking with UCA News June 15, the Protestant woman narrated a four-century-old tribal folktale about women donning men’s attire to fight an invading army one night when they found their menfolk too drunk to defend the community. The tribal people commemorate that event every 12 years as jani shikar, for which tribal women traditionally hunt animals.

The festival came this year and the women decided to launch a new jani shikar against the exploiters, said Barla, the movement’s convener. She said the “new hunt” would not involve weapons. Instead, the women “will besiege corrupt officials and their offices and question them.”

According to her, the state has “many officials” who have physically abused tribal women and grabbed tribal land. “Our activists will identify them and try to get them punished,” Barla said, adding that her people have lost “trust” in the present government. The pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian people’s party) heads the state’s coalition government.

Martina Samad, a Catholic tribal woman, confirmed that their movement will eschew violence in favor of identifying corrupt officials and pursuing legal action against them. “Women will work without weapons. No one will be allowed to carry a weapon, not even a stick,” she told UCA News June 15.

The organizers plan to train about 1,000 women to lead the movement in villages. These women will keep in touch with the movement’s Ranchi-based coordinating center, which will handle legal matters, Samad explained.

What has upset Viviane Lakra, a Catholic woman leader, is that the state has signed more than 40 memorandums of understanding with industrial groups. These agreements allow the groups to set up various industrial units in the state that Lakra says would “essentially mean uprooting” tribal families.

“Women cannot remain silent spectators to the usurpation of their land in the name of development. We plan to prepare women to contest the next elections. We want a complete change in policies. We know we can achieve this if we have members in the legislative assembly,” Lakra asserted.

Local journalist Vasvi, a Hindu woman who supports the movement, told UCA News that “only women can save their lands,” because the tribal men have become “drunkards who sell their land just for their drinking needs.”

Vasvi, who attended the seminar, suggested that the women should extend their movement “to eradicate alcoholism in tribal society, which is eating up tribal men and youth.”

State legislative assembly member Bandhu Tirkey, a Catholic who was present at the seminar, told UCA News the meeting was a milestone in the tribal struggle for justice. The hunting festival has “rightly inspired the women,” he said. “The stories of our mothers’ bravery will encourage them and help tribal society.”

Bishop Hemant Hansda, moderator or top official of the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, lauded the women’s initiative. “Our women are more alert than the men. The Church supports their nonviolent movement,” he told UCA News,

Republished by Catholic Online with permission of the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCA News), the world’s largest Asian church news agency (

Don’t see things progressing in India, no plan to invest there: Lakshmi Mittali

NRI billionaire and ArcelorMittal chief Lakshmi Mittal once again criticized the decision making in India.
PTI | Jul 29, 2012, 10.10PM IST
LONDON: Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal has no immediate plans to invest in India, where his recent attempts to build steel plants in Jharkhand and Odisha reportedly face local opposition and wrangles over land acquisition, says a media report.

Mittal, who is Britain’s richest individual, told Britain’s Sunday Times that India remained a priority for him but not for investment.

He said: “India remains a priority but not for investment. I’m not locating capital to India or China as I don’t see things progressing there. We can’t remain stuck, so we move on. Now our priority is to reduce debt, we sell non-core assets. But we continue to invest in mining and become self-dependent.”

Asked about his strategy to target India and China for growth, he said: “We’ve not succeeded in both countries”.

Mittal’s wealth has reportedly halved since 2008 to 12.7 billion pounds.

Recession and lower demand for steel may force his company ArcelorMittal to close some of its Europe operations, leading to more job losses.

Admitting the likelihood of job losses, he said in the interview: “I have all the sympathies with the people who will be affected by this action. But the positive side is that we will be saving jobs for many times more people.”

Politicians in Europe, he said, need to sort out the economy, and added that the second half of the year would be very challenging.

On the lower demand for steel, he said: “If we don’t have the orders, what can we do? We produce what we can sell, and we have to build a sustainable business model.”

Mittal, who was one of the torch bearers for the Olympics Torch Relay, has contributed 20 million pounds towards the ArcelorMittal Orbit near the Olympics Stadium.


Conversion agents, dubious academics and farcical Indian secularism

The farce that is Indian secularism keeps getting even more farcical.

Imagine, the evangelist Pat Robertson going on CNN and being presented by his media host as an activist for secularism. Imagine, Ibn Battuta, the Muslim chronicler who espoused and propounded Islamic supremacy in no uncertain terms and heaped scorn on Hindus being presented as a great agent of secularism, syncretism and composite culture.

As absurd the above scenarios sound, they are actually true in the context of the farce that is Indian secularism. Marxist-secularist historians and their occidental Eurocentric cohorts, in a blatant subversion of history, have long sought to position religious supremacists from medieval period of Indian history as expounders of syncretism and composite culture. Agents of hegemony who found poetic expressions (in support of the hordes of their faith) when Hindus were murdered and enslaved, and Hindu women hounded into harems for lifelong sexual slavery, are today presented as great proponents of syncretism. Sundry Sufi bigots who acted as harbingers of the hordes of deen and post genocide played the role of politically, economically and militarily backed rabid conversion agents, have today been re-invented as a supposed benign facet of the desert dogma [1]. Agents who instituted massive pogroms through cross-continental religious sanctions are today celebrated as saints. All in the service of secularism.

So it comes as no surprise that Praveen Swami, an eminent journalist, invokes a fanatic conversion agent; falsely presented as just an “activist”; and some dubious academics to press his case for (more) secularism. All the while spitting venom on one of the most famous and revered of Hindu cultural symbols, the mahA kumbha melA. [Read Reality Check India’s post for more on the mahA kumbha melA angle.]

Praveen Swami’s article is undermined by his quoting the Christian agent John Dayal who is hand in glove with American evangelists and is at the forefront of spinning atrocity material for his foreign faith-friends. Since John himself is dedicated to advancing his own faith through (defense of) aggressive and often illegal evangelism his pontifications on secularism are sheer hypocrisy. Moreover, this same individual’s writings were top propaganda material for the hate site which called for balkanization of India and violence against Hindus. He has called on various Western (Christian) bodies to intervene in India’s internal affairs [2]. The All-India Christian Council, with which this “activist” is associated, not too long ago presented a list of candidates for elections in Maharashtra. Will Praveen Swami find issue with this Christian religious organization with foreign connections flexing political muscles? Perhaps not, since it is consonant with the farcical secularism Swami supports.

This “activist” has been reported to be tied to direct foreign efforts to alter Indian laws. [3]

When the Indian government felt that the foreign funds of NGOs needed more transparency, John Dayal, who presides over the All India Christian Council and the United Christian Forum for Human Rights, testified against the Indian government at PIFRAS-sponsored hearings and symposiums at Washington.

Not surprisingly, as Reality Check India points out, John Dayal’s essay that Swami refers to, “builds up to a case against FCRA (the act that enables you to find out Christian Aid money flows)”, which of course Praveen Swami conveniently ignores.

John Dayal ignited the global Christian lobby to call for preferences for Indian Christians as employees and in business trade and investment deals at the expense of non-Christians [4]. His “activism” with the US-based (Christian evangelical) “rights” groups however conveniently avoids any mention of Christian militants threatening Hindus and Buddhists, like for instance the western evangelists backed Chrianized Hmars conflicting with the Hindu Dimasas [5].

Swami also refers to Meera Nanda, whom some time back, India-Today rightly pointed out as a Hinduism hater. Nanda’s venomous words have sought to deny Indian scientific contributions. She outrageously says that any claim of Indian culture being scientific is Hindutva and resonates with “deeply Hindu and Aryan supremacist overtones”. Nanda spews mindless venom against Hinduism (and Buddhism) justifying her bile to as driven by rationalism, free-thought, etc., yet finds it fit to accept grants from the very protestant Templeton foundation which is dedicated to advancing Christian idioms like “intelligent design”. Wonder where her rationalism goes then. Interestingly, Nanda in a write-up at India-Seminar even while attacking westerners manages to blame Hinduism. For instance, Rupert Sheldrake who traces his theories to Christianity, is linked to the Indian scientist J.C. Bose, and then attacked by Nanda for his Hindu links. [6]

Praveen Swami fails to mention the “secular” Indian government taking over Hindu temples and channeling its earnings for non-Hindu causes. We can safely assume the likes of John Dayal or Meera Nanda don’t have a problem with this subversion of Hindu institutions so it probably wasn’t worth bringing up.

Even more disingenuous and dangerous is Swami’s reference to Paul Courtright’s explorations of Oedipal undertones in Hindu mythology. What Swami doesn’t mention is Courtright’s mis-translations, manipulations and even inventing of non-existent data from Hindu texts to support his concoctions. By seeking to portray Courtright as a victim, Swami actually legitimizes his dishonesty. I direct readers to go read Invading the Sacred which in a very scholarly manner exposes the academic fraud committed by Paul Courtright and his cabal. Recently, the prestigious Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research published a paper by Prof. Srinivasa Rao further exposing the dishonesty of Courtright and his bedfellows. This malice is deep-rooted in American religious studies academia where such outright hostility and academic dishonesty towards Hinduism by agenda driven “scholars” is often defended using meaningless political arguments. Courtright and his cabal have sought to deflect the erudite expose in Invading the Sacred using the bogey of Hindutva. What does a scholarly expose by Indian Americans of academic fraud in American academia have to do with Hindutva? Or secularism for that matter. This leads one to believe that it is really Hinduism itself that Courtright targets using the euphemism Hindutva. Indeed, this is also true for most votaries of Indian secularism who spare no time in spewing bile on Hindus even when the matter at hand has no direct relation to Hindus or Hinduism. Praveen Swami’s twisted piece is a fine example of this sorry situation.


  1. Read books by Sita Ram Goel and S.A.A. Rizvi for more on the fanaticism of Sufis. Goel describes them as “sappers and miners for Islamic imperialism”, “the most fanatic and fundamentalist activists of Islamic imperialists”.
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The safe Hindu

Over the last year, I have made a new acquaintance. We shall call him Shriman Savadhan. Shriman Savadhan presents a perfect example of what I like to call the safe Hindu. This individual shows every indication of having some awareness of the sorry geo-political state of Hindus. He displays some modicum of knowledge of how the farce that is Indian secularism is simply a euphemism for official government sponsored shenanigans to suppress a Hindu revival. He also displays some awareness of the machinations of the Marxists and their occidental Eurocentric associates against the Hindu civilization of India. However, that is the extent of his involvement in Hindu affairs.

When I bring up the matter of certain scholarly books that provide detailed critiques of these dangerous paradigms, he gets disinterested. When I mention certain venues where he could get involved (like volunteering in Hindu missions) to further Hindu causes, he gets even more disinterested. When I mention certain political developments which if comes to fruition will lead to an even worse state for Hindus, he just doesn’t seem to care. Like for instance, Shriman Savadhan is simple not interested in reading books by Sita Ram Goel, Koenraad Elst, Ram Swarup, RC Mazumdar, etc. He sees no reason to read Rajiv Malhotra’s Breaking India. Even though he does seem to have some concern about the foreign funded change of religious demographics in India. He supports the Christian evangelist Rick Perry to become the American president in 2012, for reasons connected to, get this, Mexicans in US! Shriman Savadhan however does realize, in no uncertain terms, that Mr. Perry is backed by vociferous religious fanatics, and his becoming president of USA will herald a huge convert-heathens-in-India campaign.

Shriman Savadhan is not a fool, a communist, a Hindu-hater or a crypto-convert to the rAkShasamata or pretamata (credit to the learned blogger at mAnasataraMgiNI for coining these apt terms). He very strictly follows certain Hindu dietary norms and has on more than one occasion, in private conversation, spoken out against some of the dangers that hang over Hindus in India. Yet, he very assiduously avoids taking any meaningful action like reading books to educate himself and his friends and family, or getting involved with any Hindu organization. Unfortunately, there are countless such characters who are simply not interested in doing anything meaningful for Hindu causes, even though they have some awareness of the issues. Question is, why?

Because of the Marxist-secularist toxicity pervading India since the start of Nehruvian Stalinism which has subverted school textbooks and popular/news media, any sort of pride and involvement in advancing Hindu causes has been colored as politically incorrect. The success of the left establishment lies in subverting the discourse such that their ideological interests have been colored as politically correct, and anything contrary is laden with secular self-consciousnesses and imagined guilt. Unfortunately, this has pervaded very deep into the native psyche. As can be seen in the case of Shriman Savadhan. Which is why you will find many well-meaning folks going out of their way to shed very public tears for the “secular” stone pelters while giving lip service to the “communal fascistic” Hindus driven out through a campaign of rape, murder and mayhem. Never mind that in private they might very well feel otherwise. This sorry situation is kept running through a systematic campaign of manufactured outrage, hyperventilated sanctimony, history and social science  academic departments and textbooks as brainwashing tools, and other such shenanigans. The latest in this series is the proposed Communal Violence Prevention bill which in no uncertain terms is reminiscent of Nazi laws against Jews, and has the single objective of keeping suppressed and eventually obliterating Hindus from India. No wonder, over generations, countless people like Shriman Savadhan have cultivated the need to be very negated and defensive about their Hindu identity. No wonder they feel uncomfortable working with Hindu organizations or even studying scholarly works that explain matters of critical importance to Hindus. No wonder they feel the need to keep their Hindu identity locked up in a closet. No wonder they are more comfortable taking “safe” positions of subservience and non-involvement by not risking epithets like communal, fascistic, etc, that are often thrown at those who assert their Hindu identity or speak up on matters of importance for Hindus. These people are the safe Hindus.

The safe Hindu phenomenon is also observed in case of some public figures who have sympathies for Hindu causes, or who had themselves started out as avid, assertive Hindus. It is common for some of these folks who themselves seemingly start out as assertive, proud, unabashed Hindus to take positions against their former constituency for careerist compulsions. It does however also reflect a certain snobbishness that many acquire with power, success and publicity. This particular brand of safe Hindus will be dissected in another post.

The problem in case of the safe Hindus is that they will do everything not to do anything, even if that involves reading a book connected to revival and survival of Hindus. This is largely due to an aversion for potentially being associated with a cause that has been over the years cunningly colored as politically incorrect, never mind that the cause itself is veracious and of crucial importance. As one commentator astutely said, the need for these safe Hindus is to don the mantle of a collective Shiva and drink the poison of being painted as villains and “fascists”, so that future generations can breathe the air of freedom and dignity as worthy inheritors of the Vedic civilization.

Meera Nanda’s hollow rhetoric on ‘Voice of India’

Instead of clumsily attempting to discredit the pioneering Voice of India publication house, through the proxy of Breivik, I would like to see Meera Nanda try to discredit the data presented by VOI publications through hard evidence and reasoning. But since characters more capable than Nanda have abysmally failed to do so, I can see why she chooses instead to throw muck at VOI without actually even attempting to debunk the veracity of data presented in VIO publications.

Nanda insinuates, the claim that Muslims enslaved Hindus and drove them to their death in the Hindu Kush mountain ranges is questionable. I would like to point to no other than Al Beruni, the Muslim chronicler who has himself written in support of the irrefutable veracity of that claim. This is history straight from the horse’s mouth. I would also like to direct the curious to Elliot’s “The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians. The Muhammadan Period” for further evidence of the unimaginable atrocities committed by Islamic invaders on India’s native population. Elliot’s work is merely an English translation of accounts by Muslim scribes in Persian. Again, history straight from the horse’s mouth.

What Breivik’s madness presents is an opportunity for an open dialog and honest debate to analyze the reasons behind religious conflict and terrorism in the Indian subcontinent starting from medieval to modern periods. Such a dialog needs to accept history without whitewashing and needs to be open to free speech from different spectrums. Unfortunately, an open dialog is unpalatable for the torch bearers of Indian secularism, since that will expose their duplicity and empty scholarship. No wonder they feel the need to resort to hollow rhetoric.

Which SC Bench Expunged the Remarks on Conversion from Staines Ruling?

As per a news report by Rakesh Bhatnagar in DNA-India[1], the expunging of the remarks on conversions in the Graham Staines ruling[2][3] was done by a different bench of the SC comprising M. Katju and J.C. Misra, and not the original bench of P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan.

The changes were made by a bench comprising justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra.

Interestingly, the same bench of Katju and Misra not too long ago made some inaccurate and unnecessary references to dronAcharya[4][5] and terms from Hindu epics[6] in another ruling.

Pictures of the article by Bhatnagar[7] in DNA print edition are embedded here. They can also be viewed directly on scribd[8].



A report in the Times of India however seems to indicate that the revisions to the ruling were done by the original bench of Sathasivam and Chauhan[9].

A bench of justices P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan, which had given the verdict in the Staines case on Friday, replaced the original remarks in two different paragraphs with new sentences.

Unfortunately, it is not very clear at this point which bench did the revision. This post will be updated as and when accurate information is obtained. Nonetheless, it was a consummate capitulation to a bigoted cabal of high-on-holy-spirit fanatics, evangelists and Indian Stalinists.


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