Secularism in India – Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi and Jaipur

Following the recent display of secularism in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi and Jaipur, some thoughts come to mind.

Contrary to popular opinion, the marUnmatta-s are abject cowards. This is apparent in the behavior of TSP. This should also be apparent in the recent events in Delhi and Jaipur.

Ms quietly mobilize and launch sudden attack. Then, when Hs start counter mobilization, they call for peace. We saw this with the parliament attacks in 2001, with Pulwama/Balakot and now in Delhi and Jaipur. Even in the dark days of Khilji, Aurangzeb, etc., M attacks were driven by the comfort of greater armed numbers, and lack of coordination among the Hs.

Ms are outright incapable of a straight, fair fight. Plain and simple. Currently in India, they are at best rioters launching attacks on the unarmed, women and children using the strength of numbers and the element of surprise, safe in the knowledge that media and the intellectual class have their back.

Local administration is only too aware of the ability of Ms for quiet and quick mobilization, thanks largely due to the weekly congregational nature of their polity offering regular feeds of loud othering of the non-believers and violent proclamations of superiority. Administration is also very aware of the bias favoring Ms in the media and intellectual class. So, in order to present a semblance of doing their jobs, they go for the lowest hanging fruit – Hs. There is a psychological driver behind this behavior, at both the micro individual and the macro social levels, but that warrants a discussion for another time.

Administration knows that M violence will be whitewashed and legitimized by media and intelligentsia, so if they are to keep up with the facade of doing their jobs they have to make sure Hs stay quiet and accept M dominance. This in itself is a manifestation of secular India. Which is why Ms get away with destroying public property, rioting and arson, assaulting Hs and even assaulting the police themselves. While the police happily fire upon Hs, like the followers of Dera, etc.

Hs are further disadvantaged by the fact that the Gandhi-Nehru complex has utterly emasculated H society.

So, what is the solution?

Regular mass-mobilization and parallel militarization. I do not imply forming private armed militia, but I certainly advocate for regular mass-mobilization. Rest will automatically follow. I believe Tilak recognized rightly this back in his day.

In parallel, Hs have to force their political leaders to shift the Overton window in media and intellectual class away from its current outright pro-M bias to a pro-H stance.

The first step towards this is for the H political class to rid themselves from the virus of statesmanitis. H politicians have to raise their voice in assemblies and parliaments, loudly talking about pro-Hindu issues. H politicians have to be pressured to formulate laws that make it incumbent upon the police to fire upon rioters. Laws have to create an unacceptable cost for the Ms if they run amok – life imprisonment with hard labor for those rioters not shot, government takeover of property belonging to any rioter, etc. Furthermore, Hs have to organize at a national scale to completely economically boycott Ms, except if they do Ghar Wapasi; obviously this needs to have political backing.

The second, parallel ,and perhaps the more important step is to decimate the Jihadi-Jaichand brigade from Indian humanities academia and thus from the media and intellectual class.

The first step is easier, if there is will. The second step is much harder, but most definitely doable over time, if there is political will.

Additionally, with long-term civilizational goals in mind, organizations such as Arya Samaj need to be revived and strongly patronized so that Ghar Wapasi can be arranged at an industrial scale. Otherwise, with demographic changes, irrespective of all else, it is only a matter of time before Hs join our Indo-European civilizational brethren in museums and history books as relics of the past.


pretamata in India as Western geo-political handle

The informed and the discerning will surely be aware of the overwhelmingly foreign funded, organized interventions by the pretamata in India’s economic (and social) policies. We recently saw massive hindrances through religious mobilization at the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project. The Posco project in Orissa was (and still is) stalled through machinations that unquestionably reek of organized efforts of the pretamata. It should be obvious that certain countries in the Occident view India as competitor. And it should also be obvious that these countries would seek to replace India’s natural Hindu identity with one subservient to their interests. We can already see this happening in the aforementioned cases where a demographic subscribing to a subservient identity was leveraged to create problems to India’s disadvantage. Of course, due to the inherently anti-dharma parasitic toxicity called secularism, the political class has and will continue to ignore these attempts to subvert India. However, we can and will continue to educate the generally clueless Hindu populace about these ongoing machinations and the impending dangers that they bode for our country and civilization.

In this context, the relevant email below from a perceptive individual presents another case of the mlechCha-s leveraging  the poisonous fangs of the pretamata to oppose industrial development in interestingly one of India’s most mineral rich regions. The sender’s name has been removed to respect her/his privacy.

Readers are advised to be circumspect about Anglospheric industrialists who are known to play both ways. If the pretamata ensures them clearance, they have been known to facilitate harvests. Nonetheless, surely the discerning will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in the quoted email below, and understand the message it carries for dharmAbhimukha-s.

Churches (‘Jharkhand tribal body’) oppose ArcelorMittal project. Why?

Why do churches oppose industrial development in India, specially in backward tribal areas?They don’t oppose industry in USA and Europe, from where they get much of their funding. Why? Three reports. Read together. Catholic Asian News clearly identifies Dayamani Barla as a Christian.

The women’s movement will oppose these exploiters, explains Dayamani Barla of the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, one of the woman leaders.

Jharkhand tribal body to oppose ArcelorMittal project
PTI Jul 5, 2012, 02.52PM IST

RANCHI: Days after steel tycoon L N Mittal expressed disappointment over delay in his proposed steel projects in the country, the Adivasi Moolvasi Astitva Raksha Manch today said it would continue to oppose his Jharkhand project.

“We will not allow any new steel company in Jharkhand. They (industrialists) are out to destroy forest and fertility of agricultural land. Forty villages in Gumla and Khunti districts will be affected by the ArcelorMittalproject,” chief convener of the Manch Dayamani Barla Barla said here.

The CEO of world’s largest steel-maker ArcelorMittal said in New York on June 19: “There are “understandable challenges in India relating to land acquisition and raw materials, but nevertheless the government must find a way to overcome these road-blocks more swiftly.”

Stating that ut of the 104 MoUs the Jharkhand government had signed, 98 were with steel companies, Barla said, “The state government talks of sustainable development. What type of sustainable development does it want? Setting up steel mills in every village?”

Reacting to reports quoting L N Mittal that it would take five to 10 more years for progress in his company’s India plans, Barla asked, “Does it mean they will set up factories after ten years without destroying the environment?”

Asked how can industrilisation and development take place without, she questioned, “How development took place before signing MoUs?”

ArcelorMittal signed the MoU with Jharkhand in 2005 while a 2009 study by the ASSOCHAM said that Mittal got mines in Jharkhand but not land. It said the project could generate employment for 5,500 people directly and 20,000 indirectly.

UCAN: Indian tribal women launch movement against resource ‘exploiters’

UCANews (
RANCHI, India (UCAN) – Tribal women in Jharkhand have decided to oppose people usurping their water, forest and land.

Approximately 1,000 tribal women, including Christians, from all over the eastern Indian state launched a movement against their “exploiters” at a special training seminar.

Adivasi Mahila Adhikar Sangarsh Morcha (tribal women’s forum for empowerment and struggle) organized the June 14-15 seminar in the state capital of Ranchi, some 1,160 kilometers (about 720 miles) southeast of New Delhi. It was held at Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Theological College.

The seminar stressed women’s role in fighting for “jal, jungle and jameen” (water, forest and land). Participants called for a jani shikar (hunt by women) to drive out those who have occupied tribal land and abused the state’s forests and natural resources.

Jharkhand, India’s most mineral-rich region, lies at the heart of the tribal belt in eastern India. It was carved out of Bihar state in 2000 purportedly to help tribal advancement, but tribal leaders complain that more than five years later, industrialists and politicians from outside still control the state.

Non-tribal outsiders, whom the tribal people call dikhu, control the state’s mines and industries set up after clearing vast forest cover. This has led to hundreds of thousands of tribal people losing ancestral lands and becoming homeless and hungry. Thousands have migrated to cities in search of work.

The women’s movement will oppose these exploiters, “especially corrupt government officials, mediators and contractors,” who operate at various levels of administration, explains Dayamani Barla of the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, one of the woman leaders.

Speaking with UCA News June 15, the Protestant woman narrated a four-century-old tribal folktale about women donning men’s attire to fight an invading army one night when they found their menfolk too drunk to defend the community. The tribal people commemorate that event every 12 years as jani shikar, for which tribal women traditionally hunt animals.

The festival came this year and the women decided to launch a new jani shikar against the exploiters, said Barla, the movement’s convener. She said the “new hunt” would not involve weapons. Instead, the women “will besiege corrupt officials and their offices and question them.”

According to her, the state has “many officials” who have physically abused tribal women and grabbed tribal land. “Our activists will identify them and try to get them punished,” Barla said, adding that her people have lost “trust” in the present government. The pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian people’s party) heads the state’s coalition government.

Martina Samad, a Catholic tribal woman, confirmed that their movement will eschew violence in favor of identifying corrupt officials and pursuing legal action against them. “Women will work without weapons. No one will be allowed to carry a weapon, not even a stick,” she told UCA News June 15.

The organizers plan to train about 1,000 women to lead the movement in villages. These women will keep in touch with the movement’s Ranchi-based coordinating center, which will handle legal matters, Samad explained.

What has upset Viviane Lakra, a Catholic woman leader, is that the state has signed more than 40 memorandums of understanding with industrial groups. These agreements allow the groups to set up various industrial units in the state that Lakra says would “essentially mean uprooting” tribal families.

“Women cannot remain silent spectators to the usurpation of their land in the name of development. We plan to prepare women to contest the next elections. We want a complete change in policies. We know we can achieve this if we have members in the legislative assembly,” Lakra asserted.

Local journalist Vasvi, a Hindu woman who supports the movement, told UCA News that “only women can save their lands,” because the tribal men have become “drunkards who sell their land just for their drinking needs.”

Vasvi, who attended the seminar, suggested that the women should extend their movement “to eradicate alcoholism in tribal society, which is eating up tribal men and youth.”

State legislative assembly member Bandhu Tirkey, a Catholic who was present at the seminar, told UCA News the meeting was a milestone in the tribal struggle for justice. The hunting festival has “rightly inspired the women,” he said. “The stories of our mothers’ bravery will encourage them and help tribal society.”

Bishop Hemant Hansda, moderator or top official of the Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, lauded the women’s initiative. “Our women are more alert than the men. The Church supports their nonviolent movement,” he told UCA News,

Republished by Catholic Online with permission of the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCA News), the world’s largest Asian church news agency (

Don’t see things progressing in India, no plan to invest there: Lakshmi Mittali

NRI billionaire and ArcelorMittal chief Lakshmi Mittal once again criticized the decision making in India.
PTI | Jul 29, 2012, 10.10PM IST
LONDON: Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal has no immediate plans to invest in India, where his recent attempts to build steel plants in Jharkhand and Odisha reportedly face local opposition and wrangles over land acquisition, says a media report.

Mittal, who is Britain’s richest individual, told Britain’s Sunday Times that India remained a priority for him but not for investment.

He said: “India remains a priority but not for investment. I’m not locating capital to India or China as I don’t see things progressing there. We can’t remain stuck, so we move on. Now our priority is to reduce debt, we sell non-core assets. But we continue to invest in mining and become self-dependent.”

Asked about his strategy to target India and China for growth, he said: “We’ve not succeeded in both countries”.

Mittal’s wealth has reportedly halved since 2008 to 12.7 billion pounds.

Recession and lower demand for steel may force his company ArcelorMittal to close some of its Europe operations, leading to more job losses.

Admitting the likelihood of job losses, he said in the interview: “I have all the sympathies with the people who will be affected by this action. But the positive side is that we will be saving jobs for many times more people.”

Politicians in Europe, he said, need to sort out the economy, and added that the second half of the year would be very challenging.

On the lower demand for steel, he said: “If we don’t have the orders, what can we do? We produce what we can sell, and we have to build a sustainable business model.”

Mittal, who was one of the torch bearers for the Olympics Torch Relay, has contributed 20 million pounds towards the ArcelorMittal Orbit near the Olympics Stadium.

A big reason for the asura-s fearing Narendra Modi

Sandeep B., Atanu D. and Rajeev S. have all very eloquently elucidated some reasons for the asura-s fearing Narendra Modi. We will in this short post look at a specific angle behind this fear, which is the asura-s driving their ideological agendas through takeover of institutions, and their mortal fear of Modi dismantling their subversive hold on these institutions.

One of the characters involved in the latest motivated tirade against Modi is whom Sandeep B. calls “motivated moron at Caravan”. As it turns out, this fellow went to a particular sepoy-churning school in mlechCha desha. While of course that institution has a “respected” program, what many people don’t realize is that the program is infested by a cabal of sepoys, brown sahib/memsahib types. Almost every Indian/Hindu who went to that program, that I know of, is a self-righteous pomposity who

  1. vehemently opposes a Hindu identity.
  2. expounds a “South Asian” identity.
  3. displays puke-worthy obsequiousness to the marUnmatta asura-s (specially those from land-of-the-pure) to advertise their “secular-liberal” credentials.
  4. sides with the pretamata in undermining and disparaging India, Hindus and Hinduism.
  5. practices vicarious religiosity by patronizing fanatic pretAchArin and marUnmatta asura-s.
  6. heaps scorn on those Hindus who refuse to be a doormat and hence are a threat to their perfidious agendas.

These worthies like to speak of themselves as representing a true Hinduism, which basically is “being a doormat”, so of course eventually Hinduism ends up in museums as “once upon a time…”, thus serving the interests of the pretamata and rAkShasamata. Not surprisingly, dasyu-s like salilAsura are well entrenched with this cabal. Those informed will know that the viShadhara barkhAsura also went for the same program in mlechCha desha, although there is reason to believe she was viShamaya from prior to that. Nonetheless, the point being that there are groups and institutions, both here in India and abroad, that regularly churn out asura-s to keep striking at the Hindu civilization and at those who they perceive as a threat to their interests (like NaMo). The likes of salilAsura, barkhAsura, “motivated moron at Caravan”, etc. are syndromes, not the disease. If the toxicity is to be cleansed, the asura-creating assembly lines need to be made irrelevant and eventually smashed. If I have read Narendra Modi from some his speeches correctly, I think he somewhat realizes this problem, and given the right amount of time has the potential to dismantle (or at least undermine) the anti-dharma asura-creating assembly lines (at least in India). Modi has cut down to size the Red scums from the universities of Gujarat and undermined their indoctrination systems. I think he understands that the outright biases and anti-Hindu propensities of the ELM and its allied (faux) “intelligentsia” are largely a result of the Red takeover of important educational institutions (during the skulduggery by Nurul Hasan, as Swapan Dasgupta has rightly pointed out). The asura-s know this only too well and realize that Narendra Modi is capable of dismantling their self-serving edifices constructed under decades of blatant political patronage. This is one of the biggest reasons the asura-s are outright scared of him and are so desperate to prevent him from obtaining the means to end their reign of subversion.

A very short node on the origins and evolution of UFLA

The following comment was made by one Jeevan in a Hindustan Times news report. The comment ended up getting flagged and never came out of the moderation queue. It is reproduced here with typo corrections and a minor edit where the name of a political party has been moderated. This comment very succinctly addresses and tallies with what I have been told first hand by folks who were born and brought up in the state of Assam, about the origins and evolution of the secessionist group, ULFA.

ULFA started as a movement against the Bengali Muslims hordes who emigrated to Assam with a political [mod edit] party’s supportive policies but soon through state repression turned into anti-Indian movement. A political [mod edit] party has a major part in this transformation.Pakistan saw this as a faultline and exploited it to their advantage.

Readers are directed to this related article.


The adjective Gandhian has been associated with people who embrace the path of non-violence, pacifism and other similar dhArmika ethos to meet their goals for the common good of many. However lately, it has become fashionable and very useful for sundry entities with vested interests to apply the label “Gandhian” on themselves either through their own chicanery, through some ideological bedfellow(s) or through some well-meaning but naïve enabler(s). In fact, being called a Gandhian is a sure shot way for these perfidious entities to potentially legitimize and further their real agendas.

Not too long ago, a notorious professional anti-India activist, called the mass-murdering, bomb-blasting, mass-raping Maoist terrorists as “Gandhians with guns”. A very well-known Indian Marxist historian who has argued that the entire Indian civilization, and by extension the entire Indian state needs to be dismantled, not too long ago, sought to position herself as a Gandhian. Gandhi relentlessly worked for an independent, sovereign Indian state and longingly spoke of a rAma rAjya. Gandhi died with the name of shrI rAma in his lips. Gandhi spoke of bhArata mAtA with utmost respect and reverence. We can’t say that many of these eminences who seek to apply the label “Gandhian” on themselves have the same sort of reverence for the symbols of Indian civilization. Indeed, these eminences have the exact opposite feelings for India’s civilizational heritage, which they actively seek to dismantle and balkanize in preparation for the people’s’ revolution.

Over decades, these eminences have misappropriated labels like “secular” and “liberal” to serve their ideological causes. “Gandhian” is one such veneer used by many of these ideologues to mask their perfidious agendas. But we suppose in kaliyuga, anything goes. As it is we have many invading supremacist religiosity driven mass murderers and heinous religious totalitarians from late pre-medieval to late medieval period of Indian history either sympathetically treated, whitewashed or outrageously positioned as symbols of a concocted syncretism in a massive campaign of outright history engineering. Maybe some day in the future, Ajmal Kasab of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks notoriety too will be celebrated as a Gandhian, as a symbol of non-violence and syncretism. And senile Hindus, or whatever remains of Hindus, fooled by the Marxist-secularist wool pulled over their eyes, will go offer their respects at the tomb of this murderer. Or should we call him “Gandhian”?