Hindutva as a euphemism

It is common for not only Hindus themselves but even those opposing Hindus and Hinduism to conflate Hindutva with Hinduism. While in the former case it is more born out of ignorance, the latter is almost always born out of the need for a euphemism to clumsily mask a motivated hatred for all things Hindu. For instance to give just one example, one person in this comments thread gives the example of Paul Courtright and in a blanket statement paints all those who raised their voices against his fraudulent scholarship as Hindutva. To my knowledge, those that I know of, who raised their voices against Courtright did so in a very erudite manner. Indeed one only needs to look at Vishal Agarwal and Kalavai Venkat’s elaborate expose in Invading the Sacred of Courtright’s outright mistranslations, manipulations and even blatant concoctions to force fit into his perverse fantasies and diabolical agenda. Instead of a civilized reply to the scholarly takedown, all we got was the boogey of Hindutva. And we still do. But of course, we shouldn’t be surprised to see those dedicated to suppressing the survival and revival of Hinduism, dedicated to criminalizing Hinduism, be it a Courtright, Kumar or Karim, use the euphemism of Hindutva to further their agendas when in fact, more often than not, it is Hinduism itself that they target.


From Marxist to liberal. Gunga Din all the way.

Here is the “evolution” of the communist propagandists from the Delhi “Historians” Group: Post cold war, from socialist, Marxist, these worthies now flatter themselves with epithets like progressive, liberal. Any other talk of “ability to learn and evolve” is pure hogwash. How many of these worthies and their indoctrinated students expressed any dismay, leave alone protested, when communist terrorists in Nepal burnt down an entire university? But of course, surely, that was for the greater good of the coming revolution. Hang on, I should correct myself. Surely, that progressive act was for the greater good of secularism and liberalism in “South Asia”. It is hardly surprising that these ideologically and politically motivated academics serve as good Gunga Dins of Western Euro-American centric academics.

With “statesmen” like these…

Turns out the Vatican has a huge collection of Hindu scriptures, for reasons I am sure needs no elucidation to the discerning. Instead of using the opportunity to pointedly question the Church’s supremacist agenda of demonizing native traditions, cunning misappropriation of native religio-cultural mores, as precursor and in parallel to aggressive, illegal proselytizing, a self-proclaimed Hindu “statesman” Rajan Zed comes out applauding. Moron or what? Unfortunately, the sorry geo-political state of Hindus is only fueled by the preponderance of these sort of entities, who instead of devoting their energies into scholarship or incisive action, like AchArya sh~Nkara or AchArya viShNugupta, are more interesting in putting out mindless press releases.

Insidious memes that subvert from within

The savant Sita Ram Goel and the intrepid S.N. Balagangadhara have made it amply clear that secular social sciences have biblical underpinnings, hence are Christian memes. This is corroborated by the mountain of evidence that keep growing bigger every day. We can see in India the invention of Saint Thomas in Kerala that has no historical veracity and is repudiated even by the Catholic church’s own records being bolstered by secular socialists and historians. While the same bunch of worthies seek to throttle archeological evidence for the Sarasvati river. We can see various English, political science departments both in India and the West being seeding grounds for dharma-hostile paradigms by folks who call themselves liberal. There should be no doubt about the memes secularism, liberalism being inherently dharma-hostile and serving the interests of the dharmavirodhin-s. Various mediacrats are deeply infected by these parasitic memes. Interestingly, even “think-tank” honchos who claim to be nationalist (or at least did so when they started out) aren’t free from its subversive influence. These memes are far more dangerous than any army since it is insidious and subverts from within.