Secularism in India – Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi and Jaipur

Following the recent display of secularism in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi and Jaipur, some thoughts come to mind.

Contrary to popular opinion, the marUnmatta-s are abject cowards. This is apparent in the behavior of TSP. This should also be apparent in the recent events in Delhi and Jaipur.

Ms quietly mobilize and launch sudden attack. Then, when Hs start counter mobilization, they call for peace. We saw this with the parliament attacks in 2001, with Pulwama/Balakot and now in Delhi and Jaipur. Even in the dark days of Khilji, Aurangzeb, etc., M attacks were driven by the comfort of greater armed numbers, and lack of coordination among the Hs.

Ms are outright incapable of a straight, fair fight. Plain and simple. Currently in India, they are at best rioters launching attacks on the unarmed, women and children using the strength of numbers and the element of surprise, safe in the knowledge that media and the intellectual class have their back.

Local administration is only too aware of the ability of Ms for quiet and quick mobilization, thanks largely due to the weekly congregational nature of their polity offering regular feeds of loud othering of the non-believers and violent proclamations of superiority. Administration is also very aware of the bias favoring Ms in the media and intellectual class. So, in order to present a semblance of doing their jobs, they go for the lowest hanging fruit – Hs. There is a psychological driver behind this behavior, at both the micro individual and the macro social levels, but that warrants a discussion for another time.

Administration knows that M violence will be whitewashed and legitimized by media and intelligentsia, so if they are to keep up with the facade of doing their jobs they have to make sure Hs stay quiet and accept M dominance. This in itself is a manifestation of secular India. Which is why Ms get away with destroying public property, rioting and arson, assaulting Hs and even assaulting the police themselves. While the police happily fire upon Hs, like the followers of Dera, etc.

Hs are further disadvantaged by the fact that the Gandhi-Nehru complex has utterly emasculated H society.

So, what is the solution?

Regular mass-mobilization and parallel militarization. I do not imply forming private armed militia, but I certainly advocate for regular mass-mobilization. Rest will automatically follow. I believe Tilak recognized rightly this back in his day.

In parallel, Hs have to force their political leaders to shift the Overton window in media and intellectual class away from its current outright pro-M bias to a pro-H stance.

The first step towards this is for the H political class to rid themselves from the virus of statesmanitis. H politicians have to raise their voice in assemblies and parliaments, loudly talking about pro-Hindu issues. H politicians have to be pressured to formulate laws that make it incumbent upon the police to fire upon rioters. Laws have to create an unacceptable cost for the Ms if they run amok – life imprisonment with hard labor for those rioters not shot, government takeover of property belonging to any rioter, etc. Furthermore, Hs have to organize at a national scale to completely economically boycott Ms, except if they do Ghar Wapasi; obviously this needs to have political backing.

The second, parallel ,and perhaps the more important step is to decimate the Jihadi-Jaichand brigade from Indian humanities academia and thus from the media and intellectual class.

The first step is easier, if there is will. The second step is much harder, but most definitely doable over time, if there is political will.

Additionally, with long-term civilizational goals in mind, organizations such as Arya Samaj need to be revived and strongly patronized so that Ghar Wapasi can be arranged at an industrial scale. Otherwise, with demographic changes, irrespective of all else, it is only a matter of time before Hs join our Indo-European civilizational brethren in museums and history books as relics of the past.

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