Churmuri suffering from Romnesia?

It is pathetic to see Churmuri’s contrived analogies between American and Indian politics, in what can only be described as a sorry attempt to cover for the most corrupt, farce of a government, in post-1947 India, “led” by a spineless man who continues to lie about his home address to get into parliament. For at least one good reason, Obama’s successful re-election should be welcomed by the nationalist spectrum. GOP coming to power would have meant a blatant US government supported thrust to convert heathens in India, as we saw during the Bush years. Of course that still goes on even when the democrats are in power, under the cover of “secularism”, but it is not as brash.

Well wishers of Hinduism would do well to realize that be it democrats or republicans, both are unquestionably on the side of the American religious majority and their geo-political interests. Unlike in India, being “liberal” in the US doesn’t imply the need to spew bile on and work against the interests of the religious majority. To those unaware it may be revealing to know that a well known American politician who calls herself liberal has publicly spoken in favor of her Christian faith. This same liberal politician also sent letter of support to a farcical conference in the US by fanatical neo-converts where ludicrous theories such as “Hinduism is derived from Christianity” were spouted. Liberalism in the US is more to do with race and economic policies. That both so-called Indian right wingers and “liberal” establishment stooges draw comical false analogies between American and Indian politics, out of touch with ground realities, only goes to show their shallow understanding and how Western paradigms as one-size-fits-all are inaccurate.

It is pertinent to mention that the editor/contributor of Churmuri, Krishna Prasad, is also the editor of a (Delhi-Sultanate leaning?) magazine that not too long ago (in a tit-for-tat most likely on being nudged by the powers that be of the Sultanate?), brought out a feature calling Obama the “underachiever” who uses “lofty rhetoric” and whose “sheen is gone”. But now that Obama has been re-elected, Mr. Editor can’t stop singing paeans to him. Looks like Churmuri is suffering from an advanced case of Romnesia.

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