From Marxist to liberal. Gunga Din all the way.

Here is the “evolution” of the communist propagandists from the Delhi “Historians” Group: Post cold war, from socialist, Marxist, these worthies now flatter themselves with epithets like progressive, liberal. Any other talk of “ability to learn and evolve” is pure hogwash. How many of these worthies and their indoctrinated students expressed any dismay, leave alone protested, when communist terrorists in Nepal burnt down an entire university? But of course, surely, that was for the greater good of the coming revolution. Hang on, I should correct myself. Surely, that progressive act was for the greater good of secularism and liberalism in “South Asia”. It is hardly surprising that these ideologically and politically motivated academics serve as good Gunga Dins of Western Euro-American centric academics.


One thought on “From Marxist to liberal. Gunga Din all the way.

  1. The secularist mafiosos seem to have embraced modern technology to spread their jihad whitewashing, missionary coveting, Hindu hating drivel. Aside from the sporadic potshots of people like Akhilesh Mittal, a more comprehensive example would be Marxist Ram Puniyani, who has an entire youtube channel devoted to secularist propaganda. It really speaks for itself.

    Aurangzeb is thus portrayed as a benevolent pluralist, and Hindutva is, predictably, equated with fascism, among other secularist lies.

    Puniyani has also written books on the subject, debunking “lies” and promoting politically correct “truths” about “communalism” as well as Indian history, culture, and politics. His “Communalism: An Illustrated Primer” is particularly venomous, and available for free on his website.

    The site is, naturally, a goldmine of secularist gems, whether it is his implying that Kashmir should have signed a fictional “instrument of merger” (and is therefore not legally part of India) or wanting to free convicted terrorist Afzal Guru who has been sentenced to die, while excoriating Narendra Modi, who has yet to even be charged with anything.

    Puniyani’s book, like his other books and articles, regurgitates the tiresome secularist boilerplate about “composite culture,” sanitizes Islamic iconoclasm, and, predictably, defames, Modi, Savarkar, and Golwalkar, (among other secularist slander). However, it even goes so far as to flat out *deny* the ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri Pandits, claiming that (who else?) Jagmohan,the BJP governor of the state, as well as the usual Hindu fanatics, persuaded them to leave willingly, so that they could have a free hand to annihilate Muslims. He denies that Christian missionary organizations receive foreign funding, supports the Aryan Invasion Theory, believes in the St. Thomas myth, etc. All of this, is accompanied by cartoon illustrations that would be cute if they weren’t so insidious.

    There is hope, however. Abhimanyu Arjun has come out with the first systematic compendium of Islamist, Christian missionary, and Marxist organizations and individuals who support the denigration and eventual disintegration of Hinduism and India.

    His site seems like a nascent Hindu version of, an online encyclopedia of communist and jihad supporting American leftists. The Indian left has their propaganda mill in the form of the South Asian Citizens Web. Hindus need their own Dharmic media outlet to counter the hate and lies.

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