With “statesmen” like these…

Turns out the Vatican has a huge collection of Hindu scriptures, for reasons I am sure needs no elucidation to the discerning. Instead of using the opportunity to pointedly question the Church’s supremacist agenda of demonizing native traditions, cunning misappropriation of native religio-cultural mores, as precursor and in parallel to aggressive, illegal proselytizing, a self-proclaimed Hindu “statesman” Rajan Zed comes out applauding. Moron or what? Unfortunately, the sorry geo-political state of Hindus is only fueled by the preponderance of these sort of entities, who instead of devoting their energies into scholarship or incisive action, like AchArya sh~Nkara or AchArya viShNugupta, are more interesting in putting out mindless press releases.


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