What the plight of Hindu girls in Pakistan tell us about South Asian (brown) identity

How many proponents of “South Asian (brown) identity” have raised their voice against the rampant kidnappings, rapes and forced conversions of Hindu girls in Pakistan? How many petitions or rallies have these eminences taken out to protest the atrocities against Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan? No doubt, the convenient connivance of these eminences goes well with their screaming-from-the-rooftop propounding of a contrived bonhomie among “South Asians”. Now if we were to subscribe to this purported bonhomie, we might feel that surely, Hindu girls being kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted can only be for the greater good of secularism, liberalism, and of course, a South Asian brown identity. We might further feel that surely, these girls are only being liberated from the fascistic clutches of Brahminical, chauvinist, obscurantist, bourgeois, communal, Aryan Hindus (we of course mean only Hindutvavaadis [sic]), and have been given an equal opportunity by the secular-liberal South Asians (rAkShasa-s) for cultivating South Asian brown identity. But we do not subscribe to the politically and ideologically loaded South Asian “screw-Hindus” identity. The inane and forced South Asian identity is a means for sundry ideologues to advance mindless appeasement of the rAkShasamata. It is a means for sepoys-in-training to impress the senior sepoys in sundry South Asian organizations, earn secular-liberal credentials and advance their career. It is a means for the Gunga Dins to earn their keep by serving the geo-political and soul-harvesting aspirations of the pretamata through undermining the natural Hindu identity. It is a means to tie down and make dhArmika-s lower their defenses by diluting the natural Hindu/dhArmika identity. Each and every dharmAbhimukha should seek to discard and destroy even the very idea of this dangerous, despicable South Asian identity. Otherwise, what is now happening to Hindu and Sikh girls in the land-of-the-pure might some day very well happen in your own neighborhood, to someone from your own family. Make no mistake, then, as now, the dasyu-s expounding South Asian “screw-Hindus” identity will maintain a convenient connivance with the marUnmatta and pretachArin asura-s for the greater good of their perfidious agendas. [Further reading: The making of identities by the mahAnubhAva of mAnasa-taraMgiNI.]

2 thoughts on “What the plight of Hindu girls in Pakistan tell us about South Asian (brown) identity

  1. Seculars at work for cultivating South Asian brown identity: Hindus girls kidnapped and forcibly converted left and right in Pakistan

    The press conference was organised over the rising trend of abducting Hindu women and then forcing them to convert, a situation which has rung alarm bells among the country’s minority community.

    Among the families who attended the press conference, there were some who had been waiting to hear from their daughters for over a year

    A bleary-eyed Narayan Das, father of Bharti, or Ayesha, as she is now called, was also present on the occasion. He said he did not get enough support from the court and had decided to fight her daughter’s case himself.

    Addressing the press, Amarnath Motumel of the HRCP revealed that within a month, 20 forceful conversions had taken place. “Apart from minor school girls, married women with children are not spared either.”

    He said that the courts and the police have greatly disappointed these hapless families. “Whenever a Hindu girl is converted and her family files a case in court, hundreds of religious zealots take to the streets and use pressure tactics, creating an atmosphere of fear.”

    Another report here.

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