On good cops, bad cops and a Freudian slip

It is not uncommon for those playing the role of good cop to express (faux) denouncement for the evangelical apparatus or to display “tolerance” for the heathens. Note how on being put on the spot, a good cop might seemingly denounce the missionary apparatus, but then will conveniently avoid taking that conversation any further when more pointed questions are asked. While the said denouncement being hand-in-glove with the compulsions of being a good cop, at the back of their minds, it is the ultimate goal of harvest for the one true son of god which is paramount. In the quest for this harvest, the good cops are also very active in unscrupulously mining dharma knowledge system to (a) enrich their hollow dogmatic credo (b) entice heathens for harvest. Meanwhile, as the unscrupulous mining efforts get ongoing, the bad cops are active in undermining and even disparaging the original dharma source traditions. While the good cops and bad cops always assiduously seek to portray as being disparate, ultimately, both are working towards the same goal, which make no mistake, bodes no good for the dharma traditions. Which is why, when one of the good cops, perhaps in a fit of frustration at being confronted by some who are knowledgeable and are not willing to be subservient or fooled by the smokescreen of sameness, approvingly quotes and expresses admiration for the bad cops, it actually exposes the confluence/collusion of the good cops and the bad cops. We hope such Freudian slips happen more often so perhaps some of the imbeciles who swallow the sameness bite will be woken from their suicidal stupor.


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