Insidious memes that subvert from within

The savant Sita Ram Goel and the intrepid S.N. Balagangadhara have made it amply clear that secular social sciences have biblical underpinnings, hence are Christian memes. This is corroborated by the mountain of evidence that keep growing bigger every day. We can see in India the invention of Saint Thomas in Kerala that has no historical veracity and is repudiated even by the Catholic church’s own records being bolstered by secular socialists and historians. While the same bunch of worthies seek to throttle archeological evidence for the Sarasvati river. We can see various English, political science departments both in India and the West being seeding grounds for dharma-hostile paradigms by folks who call themselves liberal. There should be no doubt about the memes secularism, liberalism being inherently dharma-hostile and serving the interests of the dharmavirodhin-s. Various mediacrats are deeply infected by these parasitic memes. Interestingly, even “think-tank” honchos who claim to be nationalist (or at least did so when they started out) aren’t free from its subversive influence. These memes are far more dangerous than any army since it is insidious and subverts from within.


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