A big reason for the asura-s fearing Narendra Modi

Sandeep B., Atanu D. and Rajeev S. have all very eloquently elucidated some reasons for the asura-s fearing Narendra Modi. We will in this short post look at a specific angle behind this fear, which is the asura-s driving their ideological agendas through takeover of institutions, and their mortal fear of Modi dismantling their subversive hold on these institutions.

One of the characters involved in the latest motivated tirade against Modi is whom Sandeep B. calls “motivated moron at Caravan”. As it turns out, this fellow went to a particular sepoy-churning school in mlechCha desha. While of course that institution has a “respected” program, what many people don’t realize is that the program is infested by a cabal of sepoys, brown sahib/memsahib types. Almost every Indian/Hindu who went to that program, that I know of, is a self-righteous pomposity who

  1. vehemently opposes a Hindu identity.
  2. expounds a “South Asian” identity.
  3. displays puke-worthy obsequiousness to the marUnmatta asura-s (specially those from land-of-the-pure) to advertise their “secular-liberal” credentials.
  4. sides with the pretamata in undermining and disparaging India, Hindus and Hinduism.
  5. practices vicarious religiosity by patronizing fanatic pretAchArin and marUnmatta asura-s.
  6. heaps scorn on those Hindus who refuse to be a doormat and hence are a threat to their perfidious agendas.

These worthies like to speak of themselves as representing a true Hinduism, which basically is “being a doormat”, so of course eventually Hinduism ends up in museums as “once upon a time…”, thus serving the interests of the pretamata and rAkShasamata. Not surprisingly, dasyu-s like salilAsura are well entrenched with this cabal. Those informed will know that the viShadhara barkhAsura also went for the same program in mlechCha desha, although there is reason to believe she was viShamaya from prior to that. Nonetheless, the point being that there are groups and institutions, both here in India and abroad, that regularly churn out asura-s to keep striking at the Hindu civilization and at those who they perceive as a threat to their interests (like NaMo). The likes of salilAsura, barkhAsura, “motivated moron at Caravan”, etc. are syndromes, not the disease. If the toxicity is to be cleansed, the asura-creating assembly lines need to be made irrelevant and eventually smashed. If I have read Narendra Modi from some his speeches correctly, I think he somewhat realizes this problem, and given the right amount of time has the potential to dismantle (or at least undermine) the anti-dharma asura-creating assembly lines (at least in India). Modi has cut down to size the Red scums from the universities of Gujarat and undermined their indoctrination systems. I think he understands that the outright biases and anti-Hindu propensities of the ELM and its allied (faux) “intelligentsia” are largely a result of the Red takeover of important educational institutions (during the skulduggery by Nurul Hasan, as Swapan Dasgupta has rightly pointed out). The asura-s know this only too well and realize that Narendra Modi is capable of dismantling their self-serving edifices constructed under decades of blatant political patronage. This is one of the biggest reasons the asura-s are outright scared of him and are so desperate to prevent him from obtaining the means to end their reign of subversion.


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