Brief notes from the Chachnama on the tyranny of Muhammad Bin Qasim

Salman Rashid, in an otherwise meaningful article, blamed “so-called upper caste Hindus” for conversion by Hindus into Islam. He specifically refers to the Chachnama, yet amazingly arrives at a conclusion that is belied by evidence from that very text.

So, let us examine the evidence from the Chachnama itself. Provided below are excerpts and short summaries.

Then Muhammad Kásim came to the temple… The two door-keepers, however, were dragged out and killed, and entry was then made. 700 beautiful females, who were under the protection of Budh, were all captured with their valuable ornaments, and clothes adorned with jewels. Four men at a time were admitted into the fort. Some say 400 men came in at once, and took away by force their ornaments.

At Debal, the carnage by the forces of Qasim went on for three days. All adult males who did not accept Islam were killed and the women and children taken as slaves and converted. The temples was destroyed and a mosque erected in its place. What remained of the cash and slaves and other spoils was collected and sent to Hajjáj along with the two daughters of the ruler of Debal.

I (Muhammad Kásim) consider it my bounden duty to carry on this religious war, in obedience to the orders of God who says in the Koran: ‘wage war against the infidels and dissemblers’; and I have undertaken this task simply to secure divine pleasure.

Muhammad Kásim then appointed a representative within the fort. He (also) built a mosque in the place of the idol-temple of Budh, and appointed a erier to call the people to prayer, and a priest (Imám) to be their guide in prayers and other religious matters.

Muhammad Kásim now took possession of the fort, and halted there for three days, during which time he massacred 6,000 fighting men who were found in the fort. Some of them were shot with arrows. Their followers and dependents, as well as their women and children, were taken prisoners.

At Brahmanabad, Qasim demanded jizya or death. After the fort was taken following a six month seize, 20,000 were taken as slaves (including women) and some say 16,000 were killed. Many more were distributed as booty among the soldiers.

The slaves were counted, and their number came to 60,000. Out of these, 30 were young ladies of royal blood, including Rái Dáhar’s niece. Muhammad Kásim sent all these to Hajjáj, together with Dáhar’s head, and one fifth of the treasure obtained as booty, for the royal coffer in charge of Kaab son of Mubárik Rástí. When the head of Dáhar and the women and the treasure were brought to Hajjáj, he placed his forehead on the ground and offered prayers of thanks-giving, by two genuflections to God, and praised him, saying: “Now have I got all the treasures, whether open or buried, as well as other wealth and the kingdom of the world…. Allah Says, Give no quarter to Infidels, but cut their throats. Then know that this is the command of the great Allah…”

Qasim levied brutal taxes on the populace. Along with jaziya, baj, ushari, etc. were also levied. Hindus and Buddhists were regularly humiliated and both political and economic pressure levied for conversion to Islam.

The Chachnama details the massacres, conversions and iconoclasm of Qasim and his hordes in all gory details.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, along with the Chachnama, there are numerous other instances of Muslim scribes gleefully recording details of the outright barbarity, massacres and forced conversions by the hordes of Islam on the dharmic populace of bhArata.

However, given current trends it is just so much easier to sing paeans to the “secularism” of Muhammad Bin Qasim, and the “tyranny” of the “upper caste Hindus” (specially those “blasted, evil, ugly Brahmins”). Never mind what records themselves have to show. Whats a “little” engineering of history if only to toe the dominant ideological paradigm, if only to advance one’s career, if only to be politically correct. Truth be damned.

[Note: Salman Rashid, to my knowledge, usually sticks to facts and isn’t afraid to be politically incorrect. So, his largely false assertion in this case was somewhat surprising. My comments in the last paragraph are more directed towards India’s Marxist history engineers and their bedfellows, the Islamists in the land of the pure.]


  1. Elliot and Dawson: The History of India, as Told by Its Own Historians. The Muhammadan Period, Vol1
  2. KS Lal: The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India
  3. Ishwari Prasad: Medieval India
  4. Andre Wink: Al-Hind Vol1

2 thoughts on “Brief notes from the Chachnama on the tyranny of Muhammad Bin Qasim

  1. Apt observation. These ’eminent historians’ are the most ’eminent’ among all ’eminences’.  There is pile and pile of literature pertaining to sheer barbarism and bloodshed of the marauding forces of Islam, and yet these ’eminences’ see nothing but a composite culture. So composite it is that Aurangzib destroyed temples only for political reasons (if at all he did –that is in their records!); and he looted them only because they had become centers of political rebellion and amassed huge wealth. Further, only god fearing muslims collected jiziya! And during the later period of his reign Hindu-s observed their festivals and rituals ‘openly and ostentatiously’.

    Of course, who but these eminences can see ostentatiousness in Hindus celebrating their festivals in their own homeland!

    “History is too important to be left to historians” –and in Indic scenario this statement is even more important.

  2. Excellent job, Manas. You really ought to take a look at the articles of Akhilesh Mithal in the Artbeat Section of the Sunday Guardian. He presents a whitewashed, sanitized version of Muslim rule in India, and of Somanath Temple specifically, not to mention the 1857 War of Independence. Perhaps you could refute his points?

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