The adjective Gandhian has been associated with people who embrace the path of non-violence, pacifism and other similar dhArmika ethos to meet their goals for the common good of many. However lately, it has become fashionable and very useful for sundry entities with vested interests to apply the label “Gandhian” on themselves either through their own chicanery, through some ideological bedfellow(s) or through some well-meaning but naïve enabler(s). In fact, being called a Gandhian is a sure shot way for these perfidious entities to potentially legitimize and further their real agendas.

Not too long ago, a notorious professional anti-India activist, called the mass-murdering, bomb-blasting, mass-raping Maoist terrorists as “Gandhians with guns”. A very well-known Indian Marxist historian who has argued that the entire Indian civilization, and by extension the entire Indian state needs to be dismantled, not too long ago, sought to position herself as a Gandhian. Gandhi relentlessly worked for an independent, sovereign Indian state and longingly spoke of a rAma rAjya. Gandhi died with the name of shrI rAma in his lips. Gandhi spoke of bhArata mAtA with utmost respect and reverence. We can’t say that many of these eminences who seek to apply the label “Gandhian” on themselves have the same sort of reverence for the symbols of Indian civilization. Indeed, these eminences have the exact opposite feelings for India’s civilizational heritage, which they actively seek to dismantle and balkanize in preparation for the people’s’ revolution.

Over decades, these eminences have misappropriated labels like “secular” and “liberal” to serve their ideological causes. “Gandhian” is one such veneer used by many of these ideologues to mask their perfidious agendas. But we suppose in kaliyuga, anything goes. As it is we have many invading supremacist religiosity driven mass murderers and heinous religious totalitarians from late pre-medieval to late medieval period of Indian history either sympathetically treated, whitewashed or outrageously positioned as symbols of a concocted syncretism in a massive campaign of outright history engineering. Maybe some day in the future, Ajmal Kasab of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks notoriety too will be celebrated as a Gandhian, as a symbol of non-violence and syncretism. And senile Hindus, or whatever remains of Hindus, fooled by the Marxist-secularist wool pulled over their eyes, will go offer their respects at the tomb of this murderer. Or should we call him “Gandhian”?


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