A very short node on the origins and evolution of UFLA

The following comment was made by one Jeevan in a Hindustan Times news report. The comment ended up getting flagged and never came out of the moderation queue. It is reproduced here with typo corrections and a minor edit where the name of a political party has been moderated. This comment very succinctly addresses and tallies with what I have been told first hand by folks who were born and brought up in the state of Assam, about the origins and evolution of the secessionist group, ULFA.

ULFA started as a movement against the Bengali Muslims hordes who emigrated to Assam with a political [mod edit] party’s supportive policies but soon through state repression turned into anti-Indian movement. A political [mod edit] party has a major part in this transformation.Pakistan saw this as a faultline and exploited it to their advantage.

Readers are directed to this related article.


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