Saumya Arya Haas and a report of sorts on Hindutva by characters linked to ISI-LET interests

Saumya Arya Haas, writing in the Huffington Post referred to a report of sorts on Hindutva by some characters. I made a comment posting a link to a detailed response to that report, as well as providing information on the agenda of the authors of that report based on an Indian TV news item. The link to the news item was also provided. However, for reasons best known to the moderators at Huffington Post, my comment was removed. It is really ironical that a comment based on solid references was removed from a post that pitches for free speech. Nonetheless, my comment is reproduced here with minor edits.

The author of this post, Ms. Haas, links to a report of sorts on the Hindutva movement. Here is a link to a counter report which addresses the allegation­s in the report linked by Ms. Haas, and more: It is also pertinent to mention here that the report linked by Ms. Haas was compiled mainly by a group which calls itself Forum of Indian (since renamed to Inquilabi [Urdu 4 revolutionary]) Leftists (FOIL). It is a motley crew of sundry communists, mainly of Indian origin, ironically based in the “oh-so-capitalist” USA. One of the primary authors of that report and a prominent member of FOIL is Ms. Angana Chatterji. Ms. Chatterji’­s name very recently came up in an Indian TV news report for her rabid anti-India agenda and for links to Mr. Ghulam Nabi Fai.

Mr. Fai has recently been arrested by the FBI for running a front organization in the US funded by the notorious Pakistani agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), which incidental­ly also provides support to Lashkar-e-­Toiba (LET) (among other such groups). LET is listed by USA, India, EU, etc. as a dangerous terrorist organization. Now why would a person linked to ISI/LET fronts, (and her ideologica­l bed-fellow­s) indulge in a propagandist report against a nationalist Indian movement? Go figure. Interestingly, Ms. Haas’s Huffington Post profile says she is a Hindu pUjArin (priestess). Presumably she also considers herself to be a friend of India. And yet, here we have her giving credence to a Goebbelsia­n propagandist report by anti-India characters linked to ISI/LET interests.


2 thoughts on “Saumya Arya Haas and a report of sorts on Hindutva by characters linked to ISI-LET interests

  1. Posting two tweets here which I think need to be provided for putting the post in right context.

    By Saumya Arya Haas (!/nsomniasaum/status/96687959398547458):
    @tattvaanveShaNa refutes my claims (& a report they are based on) linking Hindu nationalism & violence 

    My response to above tweet (!/tattvaanveShaNa/status/96691649312342016):
    @nsomniasaum my aim solely 2 provide lnk 2 counter-report & agenda/drivers behind FOIL rprt in light of Faigate. Nothin more. Nothin less.

  2. Haas is a Hindu “priestess” in her own mind.

    In reality she is just another new agey leftist dabbler as is evident by her references to Voodoo, basically create a hodge-podge of different traditions (Hindu, Voodoo etc) and call yourself a “spiritual seeker” and “priestess” while hoping that people would be fooled.

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