Comment on Aakar Patel’s “Our bestial stamp on British cities”

Following comment was made in LiveMint on the article “Our bestial stamp on British cities” by Aakar Patel[1]. Since the comment wasn’t published, it is provided here with some minor edits.

There is no dearth of of those deracinated Indians whose understanding of Indian history and culture seemingly derives from colonial, Eurocentric and Marxist constructs.  They and their and his fellow travelers take pride in knowing more about Shakespeare than kAlidAsa. It is the nature of their cabal to blame natives for all ills without taking into account the utter destruction and mayhem over centuries brought upon by totalitarian marauders and colonizers, the former particularly being driven by supremacist religiosity. They won’t lose any opportunity to throw dung on natives and native denominations, but will conveniently bury their heads in the sand when the destruction of native societal ethos and infrastructure by the very medieval marauders and colonial prophets they worship is pointed out. Such is the staple offering from these Veer Bhadra Tiwari incarnates.



2 thoughts on “Comment on Aakar Patel’s “Our bestial stamp on British cities”

  1. Rather than blame colonialism for everything, isn’t it time Indians began to honestly examine their own culture for flaws? How can you in good conscience blame the British for the caste system, the appalling treatment of women and the sheer callous disregard for human life that is apparent in Indian society?

    1. Did you read the post before commenting? Does it look like its on “caste system”, “condition of women”, or “condition of human life”? I direct you to the legal page where under the comments section it is clearly stated that “Comments should be pertinent to the post”.

      However, since its your first comment here, I will entertain you this time.

      I suggest you (a)do some learning and (b)take a look at your own filth before throwing muck at others.

      While it is undeniable that what is now known as the caste system saw a gradual rigidification over millennia, it was finally crystallized by the British codifying the various जाति (jAti) and जनजति (janajAti) groups under census and sundry machinations. It was the British which started the reprehensible practice of issuing caste certificates which the Indian government continue till today for political reasons. Even as Indian society was ripped by the pre-European marauders, the fluidity of the वर्णश्रम (varNashrama) largely remained. To give one example, Shivaji, who took on the Mughals and laid the groundwork for their eventual disintegration, was not a क्षत्रिय (xatriya) by birth. And yet he was crowned as छत्रपती (ChatrapatI), and is celebrated as a great king. Which is quite consonant with the श्रुति (shruti) literature. There are countless such examples.

      Regarding your other ignorant rants, whatever socials evils (none being scripturally sanctioned; as authoritative) crept into native Indian society due to external or internal influences has been taken head on through indigenously driven reform. Change has taken root and born fruits. Clearly you are unaware about the Arya Samaj, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Ramananda Yohimisu, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, or the works of Paramahansa Yogananda, among many others.

      Even though I could very easily list out here the many ills of western society and specifically those in the Abrahamic ideologies, including many scripturally sanctioned, I will desist from doing so. Because, the very culture that you deride teaches me mutual respect. Teaches me to exercise restraint as far as possible. Teaches me आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः (let good thoughts come from everywhere; all over the world). Which is why I like and admire western society for its positives while eschewing its evils. Clearly, this sort of universalism is alien to you. Which in itself reflects poorly on the society that you come from, that you seemingly claim to represent and the background that you might have. But perhaps I am too harsh on you since your venom seems more like the rant of a person with no learning. So I hope you will take this as a lesson and do some learning to free yourself from this bondage of racial supremacy and seemingly religious bigotry that you find yourself in. After all, as is said in संस्कृत (saMskR^ita), सा विद्या या विमुक्तये (knowledge/learning liberates).

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