Which SC Bench Expunged the Remarks on Conversion from Staines Ruling?

As per a news report by Rakesh Bhatnagar in DNA-India[1], the expunging of the remarks on conversions in the Graham Staines ruling[2][3] was done by a different bench of the SC comprising M. Katju and J.C. Misra, and not the original bench of P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan.

The changes were made by a bench comprising justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra.

Interestingly, the same bench of Katju and Misra not too long ago made some inaccurate and unnecessary references to dronAcharya[4][5] and terms from Hindu epics[6] in another ruling.

Pictures of the article by Bhatnagar[7] in DNA print edition are embedded here. They can also be viewed directly on scribd[8].



A report in the Times of India however seems to indicate that the revisions to the ruling were done by the original bench of Sathasivam and Chauhan[9].

A bench of justices P Sathasivam and B S Chauhan, which had given the verdict in the Staines case on Friday, replaced the original remarks in two different paragraphs with new sentences.

Unfortunately, it is not very clear at this point which bench did the revision. This post will be updated as and when accurate information is obtained. Nonetheless, it was a consummate capitulation to a bigoted cabal of high-on-holy-spirit fanatics, evangelists and Indian Stalinists.


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