C-14 dating, mistranslations and Aryans

In a seminar on Indian civilization graced by scholars and archeologists from India and abroad, hard evidence was propounded that goes against the Marxist, Eurocentric theory of any Aryan invasion or migration into what is now South Asia [1]. The seminar was graced by luminaries from Archaeological Survey of India, Indian Archaeological Society, Indian Space Research Organization, California State University, University of Bologne (Italy), Shah Abdul Latif University (Pakistan). The keynote address was delivered by Prof. B. B. Lal, who is a world renowned scholar and giant in Archeology [2]. Prof. Lal mentioned how parochial postulates born out of colonial lenses have distorted Indian history.

Former ASI Director-General Prof. B. B. Lal spoke about “postulates [that] have been distorting our vision of India’s past”. Among these is the belief that the Vedas are no older than 1200 B.C. and that Vedic people were nomads. Recent excavations at sites in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat and a fresh study of Vedic texts, he said, have proved that most of these postulates are “ill- founded.”

According to Prof. Lal, these excavations proved that the Rigveda is older than 2,000 BC and people of this civilisation were not nomads. Quashing the “Aryan invasion theory” he said that the Harappan civilisation did not become extinct, and C-14 dating procedures proved that Harappan and Vedic people were indigenous, not invaders or migrants.

Prof. Lal, has in the past been the target of Marxist and Eurocentric historengineers who have resorted to crass ad-hominems and outright bawdy calumny to try and malign him simply because his scholarship and incontrovertible archeological findings hinder their rubric of engineering history to fit into their ideological moorings and agendas. Among other often used innuendoes, “Hindutva(vaadi)” is one that has been liberally thrown at him.

In this context it would be pertinent to mention the alleged mistranslation of a part of the Baudhayana Srautasutra by Prof. Witzel, Professor of Sanskrit at the Harvard University (Witzel 1995: 320-21). In 2003 Prof. Lal published a paper in the East and West (Vol. 53, Nos. 1-4), exposing Prof. Witzel’s manipulation [3]. The original Sanskrit text is as follows:

pran ayuh pravavraja; tasyaite kuru-pancalah kasi-videha ity; etad ayavam.
pratyan amavasus; tasyaite gandharayas parsavo íratta ity; etad amavasavam.

Prof. Witzel’s translated this as:

“Aya went eastwards. His (people) are the Kuru-Pancalas and Kasi Videha. This is the Ayava (migration). (His other people) stayed at home in the west. His people are the Gandhari, Parasu and Aratta. This is the Amavasava (group).

It is hard to miss how conveniently Prof. Witzel’s mistranslation fits into his vehement propounding of the Aryan migration theory.

Whereas the correct translation as pointed out by Prof. Lal (and other Sanskrit scholars) is:

Ayu migrated eastwards. His (people) are the Kuru-Pancalas and the Kasi-Videhas. This is the Ayava (migration). Amavasu migrated westwards. His (people) are the Ghandhari, Parsu and Aratta. This is the Amavasu (migration).

According to the correct translation, there was no movement of the any Aryan people from anywhere in the north-west as held by proponents of the Aryan invasion/migration/trickle-in theories. On the other hand, the evidence indicates that it was from an intermediary point from where some of the indigenous people went eastwards and some went westwards. Figure-1 below well elucidates this.


Figure-1: Migration of people as mentioned in the Baudhayana Srautasutra (image courtesy: [3])

Following is quoted from Prof. Lal’s inaugural address at the 19th International Conference on South Asian Archaeology, held at University of Bologna, Ravenna, Italy on July 2-6, 2007 [3].

Professor Witzel and I happened to participate in a seminar organized by UMASS, Dartmouth in June 2006. When I referred, during the course of my presentation, to this wrong translation by the learned Professor, he, instead of providing evidence in support of his own stand, shot at me by saying that I did not know the difference between Vedic and Classical Sanskrit. Should that be the level of an academic debate? (Anyway, he had to be told that I had the privilege of obtaining in 1943 my Master’s Degree in Sanskrit (with the Vedas included), with a First Class First, from a first class university of India, namely Allahabad.)

As aptly noted by Prof. Lal, academic decency is fast discarded by the Marxists and Eurocentrics when they find their pet history engineering projects threatened. Given the lack of any evidence for the Aryan Invasion/Migration/Trickle-in theory from archaeology, palaeo-anthropology or genetics, given the constant stream of genetic research papers refuting this theory being published [4] and given only the tenuous, speculative linguistic arguments for it, it is only a matter of time before this colonial concoction [5]meets its end. Of course those married to it for ideological, careerist or other agendas will no doubt use various types of mendacity to convince themselves and their bedfellows otherwise. That said, I do hope that the professional invasionists and migrationists won’t call C-14 dating “Hindutva” technology.


Please refer to Vishal Agarwal’s piece [6] for an erudite exposition of Prof. Witzel’s “piltdown translation”.


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3 thoughts on “C-14 dating, mistranslations and Aryans

  1. People familiar with genetics, specifically with Y-chromosome ancestry, now know that haplogroup R1a cannot be associated with the infamous Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT). R1a is the oldest in the subcontinent and certain East European R1a subclades(4000+ yrs old) such as R1a1a7 do not exist in India, therefore cannot be associated with Ukrainians(supposed homeland of Aryans near the Black Sea) on horseback charging into India. Besides, haplogroup R (the parent of R1a, R1b and R2) without doubt originated in northern India/Af-Pak. The spread of R and sub-haplogroups radiates from this area.

    Unfortunately euro-centrics still pompously state that IE language and Vedic culture originated in the west and was introduced to the subcontinent by a group of ‘elites’, of course without backing up those statements with any facts whatsoever. Some are now stating that haplogroup J2 is linked with the Aryan Invasion and ‘Aryans’ could have arrived in India from West Asia. Science that disproves the AIT has unfortunately taken the back seat and predictably linguistics(pseudo science) is now being used to hold up the Euro agenda even in genetics forums.

  2. Shocking dishonesty from Witzel. He knew exactly what he was doing with his mistranslation, though. All in support of the Neo-colonial agenda.

  3. my indian BROTHERS you need to ATTACK THE BRITSH POSTION WITHIN india on aryan issue..YOU ARE INDIAN..you are protecting YOUR FATHERS, FATHERS RACE…and THE achievments…ITS YOUR RIGHT YOUR DUTY YOUR MISSION….to end this aryan theory..U NEED TO CLASS INDIANS WHO HAVE BEEN EDUCATED INTO THE WESTEN MINDSET FROM SCHOOL TO UNIVERSITY WHO THEN without any european intellect or knowldge of how europe works and the racist history that they used YOU NEED TO class them as MACAULAY’S CHILDREN. U need to attack their theory with THE TRUTH…not to look away from it. U need to class those indians who CLASS PRO-NATIONAL INDIANS AS HINDUVTA .by classing them as MACAULEYS CHILDREN who have been brainwshed into carrying on the rracist british aggenda by being brainwshed by the PRO CHRISTIAN WESTERN EDUCATION SYSTEM IN INDIA..you need to illustrate the deaths that were caused by the british, how india was looted..how macaluey wanted to ERASE INDIAN HISTORY AND REWRITE IT and then CREATE SCHOLLS IN INDIA TO TEACH THIS CHRISTIAN TALIBAN EDUCATION…u need to class those INDIANS WHO FIGHT FOR THE WHITE BRITISH CAUSE..by classin them as MACAULEYS CHILDREN OF EDUCATION… U need to stop acting democratic..u need start acting ON THE TRUTH…….WHAT CAN AN indian say who has been educated into the western version of history being labelled as a macalueys child……..THAMOS MACAULEY clearly stated that his intentions where to create a new caste that was slaves to the british masters and their history….TO MAKE A CHANGE IN INDIA..you need to CLEARLY ATTACH THE LABEL OF macualey children on those indain who CONTINUE TO DEFEND THE DISTORTED HISTORY..by doing this u NOT ONLY SAVE THEM BUT YOU SAVE FURTURE GENERATIONS…facst, history, genetics, ALL prove…THE ARYAN INVASION TO BE FALSE….u need to attack this theory IF ANYYHING U NEED TO bring this matter to the courts…WHERE ONCE AND FOR ALL….IT CAN BE THE DEATH OF SUCH A RACIST EDUATION BEING TAUGHT RIGHT NOW TO YOUNG INDIAN CHLDREN……………….THIS IS YOUR HISTORY THEY ARE TAKING…….in order to bring the pro western indians on to our side u need to show how the british caused genocide in india, looted our lands..hwo the british created the slave trade, how they mkilled the north americans, how they pushed drugs on to china, how they killed and kidanpped austrlaian children, how they enskaved the african race, you need to show that THESE PEOPLE ARE IN FACT TALIBAN CHRISTIANS WHO push their version of demoracy as being FACT….u need to class any indian who HIDES BEHIND BRITISH DEMOCRACY WITH THE TRUTH ,,,HOW THEY KILLED MILLIONS…and hw racist the british where and HOW AND WHY THE ARYAN THEORY CAME ABOUT AND WHY ITS STILL BEING TOLD IN INDIA……the british created the congress party to push and protect this theory , every one in congress goes tthough the same racist christian schools…U NEED TO ATTACK MACAUALEYS CHILDREN HEAD ON ….if they call you hinduvta..THEN CALL THEM THOMAS MACLAYEYS CHILDREN…sooner or later it will STICK …and when it sticks thats when the mind will change…

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