Elst on the folly of Hindu Historians

Dr. Koenraad Elst made a very astute observation in one of his blog posts [1].

…I noticed how excellent Hindu historians and archaeologists were very successful at finding evidence, but rather poor in presenting a coherent picture of where exactly their findings fit into the argumentation…

I really couldn’t agree more. Indian and Hindu history as is taught today is an amalgamation of  gargantuan negation and titanic manipulation by the cabal of communist pulp fiction historians in India and the Donizelites in the west. To their credit they have made an art out of distorting the truth and presenting it without batting an eye. Of course they are ably helped by the sepoys and Macaulayites in their deception. A very good example is the great Aryan (invasion/migration) hoax which has overwhelming genetic evidence loaded against it. However, due to a near complete lack of any organized scholarship to coherently present this, the commies and the Donizelites have been able to keep this hoax alive.

An organized scholarly and erudite response is necessary to counter and eventually defeat the cartel of communists, Donizelites, sepoys and their ilk.


[1] http://koenraadelst.blogspot.com/2010/06/incurable-hindu-fondness-for-pn-oak.html


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