Aryan Myth Fueled Neo-Nazis Jailed in England

A couple of racist bigots in England were sentenced for posting their hate filled drivel on the internet. Excerpts from [1] below. Emphasis in bold has been added by me.

Two white supremacists have been jailed after being convicted of posting violent and vicious racist messages on the internet.
Michael Heaton, 42, and Trevor Hannington, 58, described Jews as “scum” and called for them to be “destroyed”.

Sentencing, Mr Justice Irwin told Heaton, of Leigh in Wigan, Greater Manchester, his internet posts were “vicious and repulsive”.
He added: “You saw yourself as the leader of a potentially significant and active National Socialist group. Your sustained racist rants were intended to bolster that group.
“You wanted to start a race war. You are clearly filled with racial hatred and also with violent and angry beliefs.”
The judge told Heaton his words were of the most “insulting and extreme nature” marked by “violent racism”, and said only a significant jail term was acceptable.
Hannington, from Hirwaun, Cardiff, was described as a loner by the judge, who told him: “You are a long standing racist who has never hidden your views, which are violent and vicious in the extreme.
“You are a lonely man with little in your life. You habitually told lies about a non-existent army career and your knowledge of survival techniques in an attempt to gain status. You are, to some degree, pitiable in this, however repugnant what you said.”

Incidentally, the neo-Nazi racist loonies are members of a group called the “Aryan Strike Force”, as per a picture in the original article [1]. As the name of the group suggests, like the original Nazis of yore, they were clearly led to believe in their hallucinations of racial supremacy due to the great Aryan hoax [2]. This racist Aryan hoax was a concoction of European colonial supremacists to prove their imagined racial superiority and to facilitate religious conversions. Sadly this racist hoax led to the Nazi’s fascist frenzy of violence which resulted in the Jewish holocaust. What is unfortunate is that even today there are people in academia (both in India and abroad) who still very aggressively defend this racist Aryan hoax in spite of loaded scientific evidence (particularly genetic) to the contrary. For details, I recommend readers to go through my posts in “Exploring the Aryan myth” series [2].
The good news is that both the Hindu and Jewish communities have made efforts [3] to correct this travesty of history in the historic Hindu-Jewish summits. It will be worthwhile to mention here that this progressive effort is excluded by and in spite of those who might have Sanskrit or Hindu names and who might (deceptively) call themselves Hindus but are correctly characterized as the fifth column of Marxo-Stalinist communists and the peddlers of communal vote bank politics using base policies of sorry appeasement and pseudo-secularism.
Excerpts from [3] on the 2008 Hindu-Jewish summit held in Israel are provided below. The full declaration is available at [4]. Emphasis in bold has been added by me.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) was represented in a delegation of Hindu spiritual and lay leaders that visited Israel last week to attend the Second International Hindu-Jewish Summit organized by the World Council of Religious Leaders (WCORL) in conjunction with the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The goal of the Summit, according to Bawa Jain, Secretary General of WCORL, was to further develop and promote understanding and mutual respect between the leaders of The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and The Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, an apex unifying body of many of the most prominent Hindu religious leaders. This 2008 Summit was a continuation of the first Summit held in Delhi, India in February 2007.

At the Summit, Rabbi Rosen formally read the Declaration upon which the leaders of the Rabbinate and the Hindu delegation had agreed. The nine-point Declaration broadly (a) reaffirms the common Hindu and Jewish belief in One Supreme Being both in its formless and manifest aspects; (b) expresses their common world view of the sanctity of human life; (c) recognizes that all religions are sacred for their people and therefore, no one should denigrate or interfere in the religious practice of others; (d) recognizes that the Svastika is an ancient Hindu symbol and was misappropriated by the Third Reich; and (e) calls for serious reconsideration of the Aryan Migration Theory–a largely discredited, racist theory that posits that an invasion by nomadic, non-Indian tribes conceived the Vedic civilization.
“In particular, the agreement of the belief in One Supreme Being having various manifestations and the recognition of Svastika’s auspiciousness in the Hindu tradition were monumental steps in building an understanding between the two religions,” said Shah, adding that HAF will work hard to highlight the Declaration in various fora over the next year.

In particular, the recognition of the Svastika’s auspiciousness in the Hindu tradition and denouncement of the mythical racist theory of Aryan migration (morphed from the original invasion theory) are monumental steps in building an understanding between the two belief systems. While this is a good step forward, it is the likes of the viciously repulsive “Aryan Strike Force” and collusion based (mostly communist; Marxo-Stalinist) academic cartels in India and abroad that need to show this sort of progressiveness. Particularly the latter since it is their creation and propagation of the racist Aryan theory (hoax) which fuels repugnant fascist groups like the “Aryan Strike Force”. Might be wishful thinking but here’s hoping!







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