Exploring the Aryan Myth

A lot has been written about the now discredited Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) and its newer cousin the Aryan Migration Theory (AMT). The AIT was a concoction of European colonial supremacists to prove their imagined racial superiority and to facilitate religious conversions. In the face of incontrovertible archaeological findings contrary to any invasion, the AIT has been morphed to the AMT. Both the AIT and AMT are based on philology, conveniently theorized on speculation without any scientific (archeological, genetic) aegis, when the contrary could very well be true (as some have argued in favor of the Out of India theory (OIT) or Indian Urheimat Theory). On the other hand, archeological and recent genetic evidence has actually discredited theories of any Aryan invasion or migration.

This post lists all posts in the “Exploring the Aryan myth” series.

Origins and reasons behind them
What does philology say?
What does archeology say?
What does genetics say? Genetics and the Aryan myth

Genetics delivers another blow to Aryan myth

Proponents (past and present)
How come AIT-turned-AMT still has many supporters and is considered mainstream even though scientific evidence is loaded against it?
How this AIT-turned-AMT has been and is still aggressively supported by its proponents
What will happen to AIT/AMT in future?

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