South Asian Solidarists – ISIS brides of the Indian subcontinent

South Asian solidarist from New York Suchitra Vijayan recently tweeted alluding that violence by Muslim mobs in India, including the genocidal Moplah riots (an ISIS like barbarism against Hindus in Kerala – countless butchered, raped, converted), is OK because it is all in the greater cause against Hindutva. Not too long after, she gets a ideological propagandist tweet approvingly quoted by the Prime Minister of the Islamic sharia-state of Pakistan, Imran Khan, who also incidentally has been berating against Hindutva. The same Imran Khan who has in the past boasted about pathans coming to the plains of India to capture women, non-believer of course. The same Imran Khan has has been seen consorting with the sufi saint Mian Mithoo, who regularly orchestrates kidnapping, rape and forced conversions of Hindu, Sikh women (including underage girls) in the progressive Islamic sharia-state of Pakistan. There should be absolutely no doubt that the South Asian solidarity propounders, both in India and abroad, are the ISIS brides of the Indian subcontinent. These low-lives will silently condone horrific sexual violence and genocide upon Hindus by Islamic barbarians because they deem it suitable for their political and ideological agenda.

Reference Images

Here we can see Ms. Vijayan kindly condoning Islamic violence and genocidal attacks against Hindus because apparently it helps the “fight against Hindutva.”

And here we see the PM of the Islamic country Pakistan approvingly quoting Ms. Vijayan’s ideological propaganda.

Images below detail the association of Imran Khan with sufi saint Mian Mithoo, who has orchestrated kidnappings, rapes and forced conversions of countless Hindu, Sikh and Christian women, including underage girls, in the progressive, South Asianist sharia-compliant country of Pakistan.


CAA Protesters are enablers of rape and enslavement in Islamic countries of Indian Subcontinent

Those protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act are quite simply enablers and proponents of rape and enslavement of mostly Hindu and Sikh women and underage girls in Islamic countries of the Indian subcontinent.

But before we discuss this in more detail, let us examine the very peaceful and progressive protests against CAA and NRC in India. Indeed we should all stand in solidarity with these protesters for their South Asianism, for their calling of secularism.

West Bengal

Let us start by applauding these progressive South Asianists in West Bengal striking blows against the Hindu fascism of the brahminical Indian state. Go progressives, go South Asianism, down with Hindutva, down with brahminical India.


Rejoice in the Ola-o-Uber slogans of solidarity. Observe the burning of buses. Hear the calls for violence. The revolution is here.


Observe carefully in Kanpur, the little cute protesters who no doubt will grow up to be great warriors against Hindu fascism and supremacy.


Rejoice in fellow South Asianist secular-progressives destroying idols of Hindutva supremacy in Patna.

Gujarat – Ahmedabad

Celebrate the foot soldiers of Brahminical Indian state being put in their place by our army of South Asianists.

Karnataka – Bengaluru

Here it is one of the most sacred of Hindu fascistic symbols shown its place.

Here we see a Hindu fascist being brought down through the power of South Asian solidarity.


Freedom from the infidels. Recall with joy the same slogans of South Asian solidarity from Delhi.


More Peace

Root cause of anti-CAA sentiment

CAA provides citizenship to non-Muslims from the Islamic states of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. So that those who are oppressed and persecuted for their religious beliefs can get Indian citizenship. Those whose daughters are kidnapped, raped and converted to Islam, AKA “liberalism” and “South Asianism”, can save their families. Incidentally, vast majority of the persecuted non-Muslims in these Islamic countries are from the depressed classes. Yet, the so-called intellectuals who claim to speak for the oppressed will gladly have them suffer simply because it suits their ideological and political agenda.

This video here provides a view into some of the horrific travails suffered by non-Muslims in Islamic nations in our neighborhood.

Let us be absolutely clear that every single individual, from an intellectual Guha to a comedian Hasan to a video-maker Rathee, every single one of them are enablers of rape and enslavement of non-Muslim women. Their reasons may be different but they are united in justifying and enabling horrific sexual violence upon non-Muslim women. So, while a Guha is driven by ideology, a Hasan by his religion and politics, a Rathee by his politics, their goal is exactly the same – rape and enslavement of non-Muslims, specifically Hindus and Sikhs. Fundamentally, these low-lives are sophisticated versions of the ISIS brides who held down Yezidi women and underage girls while barbarians raped them. Well at least ISIS was honest and open about their intent and motivation. The likes of Guha, Hasan and Rathee are worse. I will say it again, these scums are enablers of rape, enslavement and genocide.

Indeed when the demographic switch-over happens in India, and the atrocities happening to non-Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan happens to someone you know, perhaps from your school, work or neighborhood, when a Rinkle Kumari, Lalita Kumari or a Mehak Keswani gets kidnapped, raped and converted, not in the country next door, but from the house next door, or perhaps from your own home and family, the likes of Guha, Hasan and Rathee will justify it as a blow against Hindutva, as for the greater good of secularism, liberalism, South Asianism. Make no mistake, that day is coming.

Secularism in India – Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi and Jaipur

Following the recent display of secularism in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi and Jaipur, some thoughts come to mind.

Contrary to popular opinion, the marUnmatta-s are abject cowards. This is apparent in the behavior of TSP. This should also be apparent in the recent events in Delhi and Jaipur.

Ms quietly mobilize and launch sudden attack. Then, when Hs start counter mobilization, they call for peace. We saw this with the parliament attacks in 2001, with Pulwama/Balakot and now in Delhi and Jaipur. Even in the dark days of Khilji, Aurangzeb, etc., M attacks were driven by the comfort of greater armed numbers, and lack of coordination among the Hs.

Ms are outright incapable of a straight, fair fight. Plain and simple. Currently in India, they are at best rioters launching attacks on the unarmed, women and children using the strength of numbers and the element of surprise, safe in the knowledge that media and the intellectual class have their back.

Local administration is only too aware of the ability of Ms for quiet and quick mobilization, thanks largely due to the weekly congregational nature of their polity offering regular feeds of loud othering of the non-believers and violent proclamations of superiority. Administration is also very aware of the bias favoring Ms in the media and intellectual class. So, in order to present a semblance of doing their jobs, they go for the lowest hanging fruit – Hs. There is a psychological driver behind this behavior, at both the micro individual and the macro social levels, but that warrants a discussion for another time.

Administration knows that M violence will be whitewashed and legitimized by media and intelligentsia, so if they are to keep up with the facade of doing their jobs they have to make sure Hs stay quiet and accept M dominance. This in itself is a manifestation of secular India. Which is why Ms get away with destroying public property, rioting and arson, assaulting Hs and even assaulting the police themselves. While the police happily fire upon Hs, like the followers of Dera, etc.

Hs are further disadvantaged by the fact that the Gandhi-Nehru complex has utterly emasculated H society.

So, what is the solution?

Regular mass-mobilization and parallel militarization. I do not imply forming private armed militia, but I certainly advocate for regular mass-mobilization. Rest will automatically follow. I believe Tilak recognized rightly this back in his day.

In parallel, Hs have to force their political leaders to shift the Overton window in media and intellectual class away from its current outright pro-M bias to a pro-H stance.

The first step towards this is for the H political class to rid themselves from the virus of statesmanitis. H politicians have to raise their voice in assemblies and parliaments, loudly talking about pro-Hindu issues. H politicians have to be pressured to formulate laws that make it incumbent upon the police to fire upon rioters. Laws have to create an unacceptable cost for the Ms if they run amok – life imprisonment with hard labor for those rioters not shot, government takeover of property belonging to any rioter, etc. Furthermore, Hs have to organize at a national scale to completely economically boycott Ms, except if they do Ghar Wapasi; obviously this needs to have political backing.

The second, parallel ,and perhaps the more important step is to decimate the Jihadi-Jaichand brigade from Indian humanities academia and thus from the media and intellectual class.

The first step is easier, if there is will. The second step is much harder, but most definitely doable over time, if there is political will.

Additionally, with long-term civilizational goals in mind, organizations such as Arya Samaj need to be revived and strongly patronized so that Ghar Wapasi can be arranged at an industrial scale. Otherwise, with demographic changes, irrespective of all else, it is only a matter of time before Hs join our Indo-European civilizational brethren in museums and history books as relics of the past.

Hindu-Muslim composite culture on display in Pakistan

Hindus in Pakistan continue to be given lessons in Hindu-Muslim composite culture, secular syncretism and South Asian “brown” identity:

They came after dusk and chanted into the night sky “Kill the Hindus, kill the children of the Hindus,” as they smashed religious icons, ripped golden bangles off women’s arms and flashed pistols. It wasn’t the first time that the Hindu temple on the outskirts of Pakistan’s largest city was attacked, and residents here fear it will not be the last.

A Hindu girl goes missing and then resurfaces days or weeks later married to a Muslim boy. During court hearings to determine whether the conversion was voluntary, students from nearby Islamic schools called madrassas often flood the room, trying to intimidate the judges by chanting demands that the conversion be confirmed.

Maharaj says he’s tried to intervene in roughly 100 cases of forced conversions but has only succeeded in returning a girl safely back to her family once. If a girl decides to renounce Islam and return to Hinduism, she could be signing a death warrant for herself and her family…

Now why would anyone even complain about this? Why should Hindus feel bad that their deities are smashed, the women in their families are molested, kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted? After all, these fortunate women are being liberated from their oppressive patriarchal traditions and given a fulfilling role as mediums for cultivating more secular South Asians. Without a doubt, only the crass communal and fascist will find any reason to complain. They need to be taught that this is all about secular syncretism and composite culture. This about secularism in South Asia.” Or so, the professional secularists would have us believe. Make no mistake, given current demographic and political trends this is waiting to happen in our own backyard in India.

Ajmer Dargah chief, Zakir Naik and Digvijay Singh on Narendra Modi

The Ajmer Sharif Dargah chief Syed Sarwar Chishti recently made a statement saying that if Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister it would not be “surprising if all Muslims become terrorists.” We have had the Islamist televangelist Zakir Naik proudly proclaim that “Every Muslim should be a terrorist”. The professional secularist and Congress party henchman  Digvijay Singh has already endorsed Zakir Naik for the greater good of secularism in India [sic].

All that remains is for Syed Sarwar Chishti, Zakir Naik and Digvijay Singh to get together and publicly proclaim their unequivocal support for Narendra Modi as the future Prime Minister of India.